Terms of use

For the website volkswagen-driving-experiende.de (the “Website”)

1. Content and availability

The Website is provided by Volkswagen AG, Berliner Ring 2, 38440 Wolfsburg, entered in the Register of Companies of the District Court of Braunschweig under No. HRB 100484 (Volkswagen AG”) and/or the respective partners of Volkswagen AG who are named in the imprint or the provider identification of a definable section (e.g. sub-pages) of the web pages.

All of the content of the Website has been carefully checked. Volkswagen AG strives to ensure that the content of the Website is current and correct. Nevertheless, a guarantee for the completeness, correctness, actuality and constant availability of the web sites cannot be assumed.

The Volkswagen AG shall assumes no responsibility or liability for the content or availability of third-party websites that may be accessed via external links. The Volkswagen AG also assumes no responsibility for the content and availability for such definable sections (e.g. sub-pages) of the websites whose providers are partners of the Volkswagen AG. The Volkswagen AG expressly distances itself from all content which may be relevant under criminal or liability law or which may offend against public morals.

2. Property rights to the contents of the web pages

Copyrights, name rights and trademark rights as well as other industrial property rights of Volkswagen AG and third parties must be observed when using the Volkswagen AG websites. Images, music and brands presented by the Volkswagen AG are protected among other things. By accessing the Volkswagen AG website, no licence or other right of use is granted.

3. Improper use of the websites

Any improper use of the Volkswagen AG websites and in particular any avoidance of security precautions is prohibited. In addition, no facilities may be used or applications executed which could lead to damage to or a functional failure of the facilities of the Volkswagen AG, in particular through changes to the physical or logical structure of the servers or the network of the Volkswagen AG or other networks. Commercial, systematic use of the Volkswagen AG websites is not permitted without the consent of the Volkswagen AG.

4. Services

By using the websites you can access further content and services of the Volkswagen AG or of partners of the Volkswagen AG ("services"). Please note the terms of use that may apply to such services.

5. Volkswagen ID

The Volkswagen ID is the central access point for many digital products and services offered by Volkswagen AG and its partners. You may only obtain access to some services if you log in with your Volkswagen ID. 

If you already have a Volkswagen ID, you can use this to log into the services. If you do not wish to use your existing Volkswagen ID to log into this service or you do not yet have a Volkswagen ID, you can create a Volkswagen ID at https://vwid.vwgroup.io or register for the first time. Please note the terms of use applicable to the Volkswagen ID.

6. Online Marketplace for Existing Vehicles

The online marketplace enables you to purchase existing vehicles from Volkswagen partners. The Volkswagen AG provides a marketplace on the website for this purpose, through which Volkswagen partners offer their stock vehicles for sale, through which you can search for stock vehicles of Volkswagen partners and through which you can order stock vehicles from Volkswagen partners. Acceptance of the order by the Volkswagen partner offering the vehicle establishes a purchase contract directly between you and the Volkswagen partner. The Volkswagen AG does not become a party to the contract of sale between you and the Volkswagen partner. The Volkswagen partners are responsible for the proper offering of stock vehicles and the proper ordering process.

The Volkswagen AG accepts no responsibility for the advertisements on the online marketplace, in particular it is not responsible for their completeness, correctness and up-to-dateness or availability.

If you wish, you can use the online marketplace without setting up a Volkswagen ID account and you can also place an order without setting up an account.

7. No liability for advice or recommendation

If any advice or recommendation is given on the Volkswagen AG website, the Volkswagen AG shall not be liable to pay compensation for any loss or damage arising from following the advice or recommendation, without prejudice to any liability arising from a contractual relationship, a tortious act or any other legal provision.

8. Dispute Settlement

Volkswagen is neither willing nor obliged to participate in a dispute resolution procedure before a consumer arbitration board.
Wolfsburg, March 2021