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Fascinating. Exciting. Inspiring.

Fascinating. Exciting. Inspiring.

Feel how the acceleration pins you back in the seat as you skid across gravel with the sun glinting in your eyes. Experience unforgettable moments. Experience fun and culture. But above all, experience yourself. Welcome to your adventure. Welcome to the Volkswagen Driving Experience.



Whether you’re looking to hone your driving skills for day-to-day use, as part of your job or purely due to your love of driving, our professional training will ensure that you achieve your goals.



Unique memories of places that others just could dream of. Discover the distance and enjoy offroad adventures in Iceland.

1. Fuel consumption Touareg, l/100 km: urban 7,7 / extra-urban 5,9 / combined 6,6; CO2-emission combined, g/km: 173; efficiency class: B
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