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How long does a Volkswagen Driving Experience course last?

Generally the one-day courses last around eight hours (approx. 9 a.m. to 5 p.m.). Participants arrive on the evening before in the case of Sporty Driving training. Everyone has dinner together at the start. The Motor Racing Licence training and the Professional Safety training also include arrival on the evening before and run over two training days from approx. 9 a.m. to 5 p.m. on day 1 and from approx. 8.30 a.m. to 1 p.m. on day 2.

Can I take part in the Sporty Driving training although I have completed Intensive Training with another provider?

Naturally we are also prepared to accept participation in courses run by other providers. We insist on previous training to ensure that all participants roughly have the same basic skills.

What requirements can I include when planning Individual Training? What do I need to bear in mind?

When designing the Volkswagen Driving Experience Individual Training our aim is to integrate your requirements into the programme wherever possible. Important aspects for our planning include the required training format, the planned number of participants, the period, the event venue and the budget.


What deadlines and fees must I take into account when cancelling binding bookings?

Basically you may cancel your participation at any time. Please note however that we can only guarantee partial reimbursement of the cost due to the work involved on our part. The following sliding scale applies:

  • Up to four weeks before the start of the event 50% of the order value is payable,
  • Up to two weeks before the start of the event 75% of the order value is payable
  • and up to 1 day before the start of the event 90% of the order value is payable..

If the external costs (flight, hotel, catering, track hire, etc.) incurred thus far are not covered by the cancellation fees, we will also bill these and submit the relevant receipts.

How does the booking process work specifically?

You have various options for registering for a course or a tour run by Volkswagen Driving Experience. When using our booking form, you can select your required course and book one or more places. A member of our service office will then contact you.


Is a vehicle provided for me during the course or do I have to take part in my own vehicle?

The entire course is completed with vehicles we provide. You can therefore look forward to a state-of-the-art Volkswagen which is perfectly tailored to the course content. Insurance constraints unfortunately mean you cannot take part in your own vehicle.

Who pays for the fuel?

The fuel costs are included in the price.

Can I bring along accompanying persons to the course?

Yes, you can bring along accompanying persons to the course. However, they will not be able to sit with you in the vehicle. Our service office will be pleased to provide further information.

Can I give someone a course as a gift?

Yes, you can of course also give our courses as a gift. Our service office will gladly issue the relevant vouchers.

Do I get a certificate for attending a course?

Yes, every participant receives a course attendance certificate.

Can I get something to eat during the event?

Yes. And that’s not all. Food & drink on the training day is included in the attendance fee.

What should I wear for the course? Do I need to buy special clothing?

Comfortable, winter-proof clothing and shoes are ideal for the courses.

Is there an age limit for the events run by Volkswagen Driving Experience?

You simply need a valid driver's licence to take part in a course run by Volkswagen Driving Experience. Age is irrelevant.

Do I have to meet a registration deadline?

No, there is no registration deadline.

I will not be travelling on my own. Can I book a double room in the hotel?

Yes, you can book a double room. Please contact our service office in this respect.

Do the weather conditions affect whether the training takes place?

If extraordinary circumstances for which we cannot be held responsible (for instance in the case of force majeure) mean the event could not be held or could only be held with substantial difficulty, the event may be cancelled.

What conditions do I have to fulfil to take part in the Driving Experience events?

In addition to a valid class B driving licence, you must refrain from drinking alcohol throughout the entire course. Individuals under the influence of drugs and/or alcohol during the event will be excluded from the cours.

What is personal data?

Personal data is information that can be assigned to you personally. This includes for example your name, your address, your telephone number and your e-mail address. It does not include information that cannot be directly linked with you. If you use one of our personalised services, order a product or would like to take out a subscription, we will ask you for certain personal details.

What are personalised services?

Personalised services are services that require you to register with your personal details. The aim of these services is to make our online content efficient and convenient for you by tailoring it to your personal interests. Your login and registration data can be viewed and amended at any time by clicking the "Edit profile" link on every Volkswagen portal on which you have registered using your personal details. You may of course delete your data at any time. However, if you delete essential details you will no longer be able to use the personalised service concerned.

How will my data be used by Volkswagen AG?

The personal data collected on the websites of Volkswagen AG will only be processed and used for contract execution and to handle your enquiries, unless you have consented to another type of use. Moreover, your data will only be processed and used for promotional and market research purposes and to design needs-oriented electronic services from Volkswagen AG if you have given us your prior consent. The same applies to the processing and use of your data in order to send personally tailored promotional material.

What does Volkswagen AG mean by promotional material and market research?

We take promotional material and market research to mean

  • Information on the vehicle range (e.g. models)
  • Information on services (e.g. financing, insurance, leasing)
  • Information on the customer loyalty programme (e.g. travel offers)
  • Customer surveys (e.g. on customer satisfaction).

What is meant by personally tailored promotional material?

Within the scope of our personalised services and if you have given your prior consent, we compile personally tailored promotional material and construct an individual user profile. In order to do so, the registration details obtained through your use of our Volkswagen portals and data stored on the usage of our services (frequency, duration and content) are combined in one database. The registration and usage data is then automatically evaluated with the aim of matching the subsequent user profile with our products and services. Once this has been completed, we can tailor our promotional material specifically to you. As a result, you do not receive any unnecessary information and your data allows us to address you in a more targeted way. The user profile enables us to send you personally tailored promotional material by e-mail if, for example, you have saved your dream car in the car park section of the Consultation and Purchase portal. The user profile will of course only be based on your activities within the Volkswagen portals.

What are cookies?

A cookie is a small data file that can be stored on your hard drive. This data file is created by the web server you have connected to via your web browser (e.g. Internet Explorer, Netscape Navigator) and is then sent to you. The cookie enables you to be recognised the next time you visit the website, so you do not have to re-enter data you have already provided. At present, most browsers are set to automatically accept cookies as standard. However, you have the option of adjusting your browser so that it rejects cookies or displays them in advance. Furthermore, you can delete cookies from your system at any time (e.g. in Windows Explorer). Please use your operating system's help function for this, or refer to the Help page.

Does Volkswagen AG use cookies?

Yes, we use cookies on some of our websites. Generally, we place cookies in order to analyse interest in our websites. Our cookies for the personalised services do not contain any personal data and are only used to provide you with the most convenient and secure service possible. For the personalised services for example, you do not have to identify yourself on every single page of the service by entering your user name and password again and again. To make this possible for you, we use only session cookies. These cookies are deleted when your browser is closed. In order to provide you with our personalised services, it is necessary for you to accept our cookies.

Do I have a right to information?

You naturally have the right to know, at any time, what personal data we hold about you. Please contact the Data Protection Officer at Volkswagen AG in this regard.

Do I have the right to change or delete information?

You have the right at any time to partly or fully withdraw your consent to the use of your data with effect at a time in the future. In this case we will delete the relevant data. However, in exceptional circumstances, deleting data may contravene legal requirements, particularly with regard to data used for invoicing and accounting purposes.
In the area for Volkswagen's personalised services you can change your user account via the "Edit profile" link or deregister via the "Delete profile data" function, i.e. your personal information is completely removed.

Will my data be given to third parties?

Your data will generally not be transmitted to third parties. Information will be transmitted to the companies in the Volkswagen Group or others named in the declaration of consent only with your approval and only if such recipients have assured Volkswagen AG of their compliance with valid data protection regulations.
In order to process your enquiries and so that you can use our services, we work with service providers. These service providers have a contractual obligation to comply with data protection laws and are not deemed to be third parties in data protection terms.

Does this data protection declaration also apply to online forums and chat rooms?

Any communication in online forums and chat rooms that you have accessed via Volkswagen AG's websites brings you into the public domain. Consequently, the data protection declaration does not extend to this kind of transmission of your personal data. Please bear this in mind when using these options.

What applies to text messaging and e-mail services?

Volkswagen AG gives you the opportunity to use text messaging and e-mail services in the Volkswagen portals while maintaining telecommunications secrecy.

Does this data protection declaration also apply to other providers' websites?

These data protection declarations do not apply to the websites of other providers that can be accessed via links on the Volkswagen websites. Please therefore observe the respective provisions of other providers with regard to data protection.

Will my connection data be saved?

Volkswagen AG will save your connection data (such as your IP address etc.) when you visit the websites. We only process or use this data beyond termination of the connection insofar as it is required to establish additional connections, possibly for invoicing purposes, to locate faults in telecommunications systems or trace the misuse of our telecommunications services. Otherwise, we delete your connection data no later than the day following the termination of the connection.


This website uses Matomo (formerly Piwik) to analyze user behaviour. For that purpose cookies are stored on your computer. Personal data is not collected so that no conclusions can be drawn about your person.

How does Volkswagen AG protect minors?

As protecting minors is very important to Volkswagen AG, we do not send any promotional material to minors, provided their age is known to us.

Amendments to this data protection declaration

The rapid development of the internet makes it necessary for us to adapt our data protection declaration from time to time. We will notify you accordingly if any such changes affect the respective content of your declaration of consent. Please refer to the current version of our data protection declaration in this respect.

What are the data protection guidelines of Volkswagen Driving Experience?

All information for dealing with your data can be found in our latest data protection declaration:
The protection of your privacy when using our websites is particularly important to us. We have therefore provided detailed information for you concerning the collection of anonymous and personal data.

Anonymous data collection

You may in principle visit the Volkswagen AG websites without telling us who you are. We are notified merely of the name of your internet service provider, the website from which you accessed our site, and which of our website pages you visit. This information is evaluated for statistical purposes. As an individual user, you remain anonymous.

Collection and processing of personal data

Personal details are only collected if provided by you - for example to execute a contract, in response to a survey, or when registering for personalised services.
Provided you give your consent, your registration details for Volkswagen personalised services will be processed for the purpose of promotion and market research and also to ensure that our electronic services are designed to meet your needs. Furthermore, if you give your consent, the information you call up when you visit the Volkswagen portals will be used to construct a user profile, in order to send you specially tailored promotional material.
This data is transmitted in encrypted form in order to prevent misuse by third parties. Your data is processed within the Federal Republic of Germany.

Usage and forwarding of personal data

The personal data collected on the websites of Volkswagen AG will be used only for contract execution and to handle your enquiries, unless you have consented to another type of use. Moreover, your data will only be used for promotional and market research purposes and to design needs-oriented electronic services from Volkswagen AG if you have given us your prior consent. In the same way, your personal data will only be used to send tailored promotional material if you have given your consent.
As consent to use your data for the above purposes may involve the transmission of your data to companies in the Volkswagen Group and Volkswagen partners (dealers and service centres) chosen by you, your data may also be passed on to those parties. No other transfer of data to third parties is undertaken.
You can of course withdraw your consent at any time, effective at a time in the future.
If you have any further questions concerning data protection at Volkswagen, please refer to our FAQs (list of frequently asked questions with answers). You can also obtain information on your data and submit any suggestions by e-mail or letter to the following address:

Data Protection Officer of Volkswagen AG
Volkswagen AG
PO box 1886/1
38436 Wolfsburg

Contacts for questions or requests for information

For any questions, comments, complaints or requests for information in connection with our declaration on data protection and the processing of your personal data, please contact our Data Protection Officer, who can be reached at the following address:

Data Protection Officer of Volkswagen AG
Volkswagen AG
PO box 1886/1
38436 Wolfsburg


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