Dates & Enquiries.

Dates & Enquiries.

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Onroad Trainings. Onroad Trainings. Onroad Trainings.
Fuel consumption Golf R, l/100 km: urban 10,2 - 8,6 / extra-urban 6,7 - 5,9 / combined 8,0 - 6,9; CO2-emission combined, g/km: 182 - 157; efficiency classes: E, D
Fuel consumption Tiguan 2.0 TSI 4MOTION, l/100km: urban 9.1; extra-urban 6.4; combined 7.4; CO2-emissions in g/km: 170; Efficiency class D

Exclusive Training Offroad.

Rally Experience. Rally Experience. Rally Experience.

Rally Experience.

Summer programme 2018. Summer programme 2018. Summer programme 2018.

Summer programme 2018.

Summer enjoyment. That‘s a promise.

Enter the world of driver training with the Volkswagen Driving Experience and learn how to master unexpected driving situations with confidence in our intensive training courses. Test your talent as a race or rally driver in our sporty classes and overcome all sorts of difficult offroad challenges.

Individual Training.

Inspired by our programme, but you can’t find what you’re looking for?

Individual Training. Individual Training.
Fuel consumption Golf GTI "Clubsport", l/100 km: urban 9,1 – 8,5 / extra-urban 6,0 - 5,9 / combined 7,0 - 6,9; CO2-emission combined, g/km: 162 - 158; efficiency class: E, D

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